Teleconferencing Bridge Lines

Using the Teleconference Bridge Lines can make your communication effective and cost-efficient. You just need to dial in the assigned teleconferencing bridge number at the time of the meeting, for connecting to the teleconference system. Since it is a digital, automated bridge, you hear a series of about four ascending tones. This means that you are now connected to the teleconference bridge. Participants who dial in also hear these ascending tones.

All participants hear the descending tones when one of the conferees will hang up to exit the teleconference. It will automatically start about five minutes before the scheduled time of the teleconference and also will automatically disconnect right at the scheduled end of the teleconference.

The participants will hear a warning tone a few minutes before the scheduled close of a meeting. One can call the bridge attendant to request an extension. A teleconference can be extended beyond the scheduled close by getting in touch with the bridge operator. The bridge operator can be contacted in case of any problems during the teleconference.

The teleconference bridge will automatically adjust the volume on each of the incoming lines so that all participants are able to hear and be heard at a same level. This lets the ongoing conversation to overlap naturally without cutting off a sentence even while other person starts speaking. The system will react only to a speaker's voice, and will eliminate all background noise. You may rent a teleconferencing bridge on hourly or monthly basis. You should make this choice on basis of your communication needs.

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