Teleconferencing is the technology that permits individuals to participate in regional, national or worldwide meetings without actually leaving their local area, by making use of voice, video, and/or data transmission systems. Teleconferencing uses electronic channels to facilitate real-time communication to two or more locations. Teleconferencing refers to a variety of technologies and applications including audio-conferencing , audio-graphics, video-conferencing, business television and more.

Teleconferencing is a telephone or video meeting between participants in two or more locations. Teleconferencing is similar to a telephone call, but can expand to include more than two people. Teleconferencing is advantageous in the planning process, as members of a group can all participate regardless of location.

Teleconferencing uses communications network technology to connect participants’ voices without leaving their home office. Staff members can have effective meetings that reach several people who might not otherwise be able to come together. Teleconferencing also reduces the need for holding several meetings in different locations, this benefit can greatly reduce costs such as staff time and travel.

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